Remakes of Lode Runner, Boulder Dash,
Puzznic and Exolon

Original levels,
improved gameplay and usability
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Lode Runner


This page features video clips illustrating basic and advanced moves in Lode Runner and tells how to use Level Editor. The controls and hot-keys are available in the game (press F1 for Help).

This video illustrates the basic moves of the game. Your hero can run and climb ladders, crawl ropes and fall down, collect chests and dig holes to trap guards (a.k.a. Bungelings). Note the exit ladder, which appears once you have picked up all chests (just one in this example).

There is more to digging than bricks. This video shows concrete, which the hero cannot dig, and false bricks, which the hero falls through. There is no way to tell if bricks are false, but to step on them (or watch Bungelings do that).

Check out these advanced techniques: side-picking of a chest, jumping on a Bungeling’s head (he must be still) and digging bricks right under the hero’s feet. You can’t finish some levels without using these tricks!

Level Editor

Just as the original game, our remake of Lode Runner features a level editor, which lets you:
  — modify any of the levels you have accomplished,
  — challenge your friends with homebrew levels,
  — post the levels you create on ZX Games Forum to share them with other Lode Runner fans.

All you need to do is:
  — accomplish a level,
  — select it in Levels browser and hit Edit,
  — use left mouse button to draw, and right button to switch tools (or hit 0..9),
  — press Esc to exit (all changes are saved automatically) or Ctrl-Alt-Z to restore the original level (i.e. discard all changes you have made).

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