Remakes of Lode Runner, Boulder Dash,
Puzznic and Exolon

Original levels,
improved gameplay and usability
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Puzznic Puzznic Puzznic


The game was originally produced by Taito in 1989 and put on the market at the peak of puzzlemania insanity. It was a very clever combination of two other top-selling computer puzzles at the time: Tetris with its gravity rules and Sokoban, where the user had to push boxes.

First released as a version for arcade machines, the game just within a year made its way to the majority of popular computer systems and game consoles.

Puzznic’s concept is very simple yet it enthralls. To score you need to move the matching game elements together and make them disappear.

There is quite a challenge for your logic, nice graphics to please the eye and soft sound effects. A fine combination to carry you away. Just try it.

  — 150 levels that get progressively more complicated
  — Mouse control
  — Level browsing
  — Undo stack: hit Ctrl-Z to move back in time
  — Window & full-screen modes
  — 15 background landscape stills

  1.9 MB  Download free trial version of Puzznic Buy full version of Puzznic  $995  

The first 40 levels are available in the free trial version.

How can I get a discount?

“Thanks guys for bringing back the games of yesterday. Puzznic is a game that uses your powers of thinking, and reasoning, no learning, just use your brain. Don’t have to sit for hours learning the cockpit instruments of an F-15 fighter or learn how to build a railroad, dodge a monster, just load and play.”

Thanks, Robert

Editor’s pick Puzznic received “Editor’s pick” award from Brothersoft.

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