Remakes of Lode Runner, Boulder Dash,
Puzznic and Exolon

Original levels,
improved gameplay and usability
English · Deutsch · Русский · 日本語  


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Questions & Answers

How can I pay for a game?

You can pay by any of the major credit cards, check, wire transfer or cash. For the complete list of available payment options, please see BMT Micro FAQ (BMT Micro is our payment processor.)

How can I get a discount?

Every time you purchase any of our games, you receive a discount code. It allows you to have 10% off on the next purchase. You can also send the discount code to a friend of yours and let him/her get a lower price.

If you are buying Lode Runner, you can buy all three episodes for $2485 (you save $5).
If you are buying Boulder Dash, you can buy all four episodes for $3380 (you save $6).
(Comparing to paying $995 per episode.)

How long does it take to process an order?

Most orders are processed instantly, and you receive the order confirmation e-mail within a minute or two.

What does an order confirmation e-mail contain?

Besides general information about your order and links to support pages, an order confirmation e-mail contains your registration key which allows you to upgrade demo version of the product to full version. Confirmation e-mail also contains a discount code (see above).

Which platforms and operating systems are supported?

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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