Remakes of Lode Runner, Boulder Dash,
Puzznic and Exolon

Original levels,
improved gameplay and usability
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E! True ZX Games Story: Lode Runner

The story of how a student invented one of the top-selling games of all times and went on to become a millionaire. Was it pure luck or his genius? Does he stand behind other bestselling games? (No, he does not).

E! True ZX Games Story: Boulder Dash®

The story of how an unemployed math graduate created one of the cult games of all times. Read what is behind Boulder Dash...


Lode Runner

  — Lode Runner at Wikipedia
  — Brøderbund (publisher of Lode Runner)
  — Tozai Games (copyright owner, publishes own remakes)

Boulder Dash

  — Boulder Dash at Wikipedia
  — Martijn’s Boulder Dash Fan Site
  — Arno’s Boulder Dash Fansite
  — Peter Liepa (creator of Boulder Dash)
  — First Star Software (publisher of Boulder Dash)


  — Puzznic at Wikipedia
  — Taito at Wikipedia (creator of Puzznic)

ZX Spectrum

  — World of Spectrum


  — Space Invaders Dot Com (A weird guy, who invades the world with highly pixelized creatures from Space Invaders. He has already been doing it for eight years. Wow...)

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