Remakes of Lode Runner, Boulder Dash,
Puzznic and Exolon

Original levels,
improved gameplay and usability
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Boulder Dash®

Tips & Tricks

This manual provides illustrated tips and tricks for those Boulder Dash players who are already familiar with the basic rules and game objects.

You are welcome to share your own techniques with other players. Just e-mail us at and everything worth publishing will be published.


To get rid of a firefly, drop a boulder on it. Note that all neighbor tiles are destroyed when the firefly explodes. This can be used to demolish boulders and brick walls (titan walls are indestructible).

If there is no boulder at hand, or you want to spare the firefly, then you can catch it in a loop.


When a butterfly explodes, it turns into nine diamonds (unless neighbor tiles are occupied with walls or boulders).

If you want to catch a butterfly in a loop, remember that it spins in the opposite direction than a firefly. You may need to make a left turn to disengage from the butterfly before starting a loop.


If amoeba grows unhindered, it eventually turns into boulders. Instead, try to surround it with boulders (Rockford’s body can be used as one), and it will turn into diamonds.

You can use amoeba to turn butterflies into diamonds.

Magic Wall

When a boulder or diamond is dropped on a magic wall, all magic walls on the level are activated. Note that, while a single magic wall turns a boulder into diamond (and vice versa), two magic walls produce zero result (a boulder turns into diamond, which then turns into boulder).

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